Assistant Call Center Manager - Office Staffing, LLC

Location: Grand Rapids, MI

Compensation: Hourly at $14.42/hr

As member of the management team, Assistant Manager will have day-to-day responsibility to assist and contribute to all areas of Call Center management, including staff scheduling and training, project planning and management, and ensuring achievement of performance metrics, as established by the Call Center Manager.

Call Center will operate between 25 and 200 seats at any given time, with an emphasis on outbound calling. Outbound calls will be a mixture of fundraising, political identification and polling, surveys, and script-based voter persuasion/turnout.

The position is salaried, with pay commensurate with candidate experience and knowledge, in the range of $2,500 per month, plus generous year-end performance based bonuses.

Applicant must have the following characteristics:

* Honesty and Transparency
* Self-Starter
* Experience Managing People
* Working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel
* Possess basic mathematical skills
* Able to establish numerical and personnel goals to evaluate performance
* Available nights and weekend(s)
* Own or have access to reliable transportation

Additional positive characteristics:

* Knowledge of call center operation
* Knowledge of SQL Database computer language
* Knowledge or training in handling large volumes of data and/or statistical analysis
* Previous experience in using telephony for Fundraising or Polling
* Understanding of telephony rules and regulations
* Basic or expanded understanding of politics


  • Start as Soon as Possible
  • Start Date: 10/23/2017

Contact Information

  • Phone: (616) 451-0454

Job Number: 232206

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